For more than seventeen years, we have provided translation and proofreading services to a wide range of small and big companies. From major corporations, healthcare providers, food chains, and financial institutions, to government-owned entities, non-profit organizations, and individual clients.


We are specialized in the following areas: Advertising, Aerospace, Associations, Biotech, Computers & Internet, Construction, Engineering, Finance, Gastronomy, Healthcare, High-Tech, Humanitarian, Human Resources, International Development, Legal, Marketing Materials, Medical, Military/Defense, Patents, Pharmaceutical, Scientific, Seminars & Training, Telecommunications, Website Development, and more.

Operation and quality manuals, engineering documents, international quality standards, brochures, product technical specifications, technical documents, insurance forms, among others.

For all technical projects, our project managers select qualified linguists with proven knowledge of the specific field involved.

Annual Reports, Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Reports, Audit Reports, Balance Sheets, Business Plans, Cash Flow Statements, Corporate Minutes and Reports, Financial Reporting Guidelines, Income Statements, Private and Public Offerings, Government Tax Reports, Legal and Regulatory Rulings, Terms and Conditions, etc.

Proposals, company policies, company's profile and history, corporate correspondence, invoices, confidentiality agreements, etc. 

Proposals, company policies, company's profile and history, corporate correspondence, invoices, confidentiality agreements, etc. 

Certified translation of Diplomas, school certificates, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, personal letters, etc.  All of our translations will be valid before any Immigration Authorities.

Do you need your Adobe InDesign material translated?

No problem! Just send us your documents, and we’ll give you back your InDesign file translated with all the content in exactly the same place.  

In addition to our translation and proofreading services, we are glad to help you with the process of getting an Apostille for your documents to be valid abroad.


An Apostille is an international legalization issued by the Secretary of State that ensures your document will be accepted for legal use in all countries that have signed the Hague Convention.


Just send us your document in PDF format by email, and we will review it and verify if it is valid to get an Apostille.


Once you document has the required Apostille, we can translate it and provide you with the Certified translated version of your document and Apostille

Articles of incorporation, powers of attorneys, interrogatories, claims, police reports, corporate by-laws, corporate resolutions, different types of agreements, patents, trial transcripts, Apostilles, letters rogatory, and different juridical documents.

All types of documents related to HealthCare, Health Plans, Medicaid, Medicare, and Medicare Advantage Plans, such as EOCs, ANOCs, SOBs, EOBs, HMO and PPO documents, Provider and Pharmacy Directories, Member Newsletters and Calendars, Magazines, brochures, flyers, letters, postcards, scripts, advertising materials, TV and Radio scripts, etc

Make your business grow by translating your Website. Getting you message across in a language your customers understand is the key to increase your sales.

Promotional documents, brochures, Websites, advertising letters, presentations, etc.

Upon request, we will provide your company with a Certificate of  Attestation, which certifies, under a Notary Seal, the accuracy of our work in the United States.

In Mexico, for a document to be officially valid it must be translated by an Expert Translator authorized by the Tribunal Superior de Justicia. Upon request we can also provide you with this certification

Our team of Spanish native-speaking translators is entirely dedicated to producing high quality English-Spanish translations.  We are primarily focused on the US Hispanic population. Each member of our team is specialized in a particular industry and is a native speaker of a Spanish-speaking country. Therefore they are able to deliver Neutral, Mexican, Latin American, and Castilian Spanish, as needed.  

Our main goal is for our translation to always read naturally as if it had been originally written in Spanish.

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